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Automotive and Atonomous Cars



Waymo (Google)

Guided by machine readable maps called splines or digital rails, Imagery,


Self driving car. Tesla plaaning for autonomous truck as well.


Volvo to supply self driving cars to Uber

BMW+MobilEye+Intel+Delphi+Fiat Chrysler

 co-develop an autonomous driving platform that can be used by other automakers


looks inside and outside the car, to help prevent distracted driving;

initial target customers are fleet managers of commercial vehicles who want to track their drivers remotely and improve safety;

longer term goal of applying the same technology to develop fully self-driving cars. 

Ford - Argo

Ford investing 1 B USD during the next five years on Argo AI

GM – Cruise

GM acquired Cruise Automation to develop autonomous cars

Apollo – Baidu

Apollo is open data autonomous car platform developed by Baidu

Tass International (Siemens)

software that can simulate complex traffic scenarios, validate autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems and replicate the impact of a car crash on a human body.