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Banking, Financial and Insurance Services




Intelligent Voice

ML based speech transcription

To monitor traders’ phone call for potential insider trading, Indexes keywords, allows searches on speech-to text databases to retrieve calls. Applications for legal, compliance and call centres.


Near Real time tracking of risk exposure

monitor capital requirements


Near Real time tracking of risk exposure

To monitor capital requirements


Fraud Detection

Payment validation & transaction verification to provide real time risk scoring reducing flase declines

Monzo Bank – Mobile-only Bank

Fraud Prediction Model

reduced fraudulent middle ups from stolen debit cards to Monzo prepaid card by analysing behavioral patters of users.

JP Morgan - COIN

NLP based Contract Text review

COIN(Contract Intelligence) interprets commercial loan agreements and cuts down loan servicing mistakes

Zest Finance

ML based underwriting tool

Credit decisions by analyzing more than 1000 data points. Zest Automated Machine Learning (ZAML) platform assesses no-file and thin-file borrowers.  Analyses payment history and borrowers interaction in website


LP based ML for Sentiment Score

Monitors 1 billion news sites/social media feeds and delivers trading analytics


ML to predict impact on stock prices

Historical/similar events as inputs and predicts news impacts on stock and currency prices

Castle Ridge Asset Mgmt

ML based Investment decision system

WALLACE modelled on evolutionary biology;
Predicted list of companies to be acquired shortly analyzing insider trading.


ML based Trading

Developing algorithms for execution in futures and forex markets. 

Shift Technology

Fraud Detection

Reduce fraudulent claims in Insurance claims management


Fraud Detection

AI interface for claims management which also assesses the likelihood of claim being fraud.