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Logistics-Home Delivery




Piaggio Fast Forward

Gita – Droid/Bots delivery

Droid for carrying cargo upto 19kg; Will follow its owners

Starship Technologies

Suitcase sized robot – Droid/Bots delivery

Self driving delivery robot carrying weight upto 10kg and navigating itself to deliver groceries and parcels.


Robotic delivery

Intelligent courier robots to transport groceries, meals and medicine. 


"Carry” robots

Autonomous vehicles designed for sidewalks for local delivery .

Robby Technologies

Delivery Robots

Self driving robots to deliver groceries, food and packages

Brain Corp

Self driving robots

Commercial floor cleaning for warehousing and industrial applications Receiving funds from SoftBank

University of California, Riverside (Qi, Barth et al)

Hybrid Vehicle Energy Management

Developing for connected vehicles environment by using evolutionary algorithm to mimic energy efficiency of natural phenomena like bird flocking, insect swarming.


ML to scan x-ray images

Developing in collaboration with University College of London Scanning of containers for presence of arms in 3.5 seconds per container