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Salient Features

digit-a¡ is pleased to introduce and offer a market proven India innovation ERP suite which has been successfully deployed and used by over 150 organisations in India and Middle East countries

End to End Business Solution

This robust EPR comprehensively covering end to end business functionality of any kind of manufacturing /service industries ; and can be bench marked with any leading tier 1 Global ERP software.

Ease of Use

User friendly GUI is one of the significant criteria for success of any ERP. This ERP scores high on this aspect.

Multi-currency Support

Supports multi-currency transaction in purchase, sales, payment and receipts. System automatically passes the journal for Realized gain/loss. Payable/Receivable balance and aging can be viewed in both foreign and local currency.

Triangular Currency Handling:

During Payment/Receipt, it handles three currency operation. For example.. (1) Transaction Currency is Euro (2) Bank Operating Currency is US$ and (3) Company's function currency is Indian Rupees.

Foreign Currency Revaluation:

It is a statutory requirement in India to revalue the Foreign Currency Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable documents. Normally the revaluation happens after 3 - 6 months of financial year end. But, by that time, the documents that were due by the previous year-end might have been closed in the current year with old exchange rates. This ERP handles this challenge effectively.


Single Installation of the system supports efficiently to manage multiple corporate groups, companies (legal entities), branches/plants. Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet can be taken at branches/ plants and consolidations by company/ corporate group level.

Branch / Division Accounting

Individual Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Account & Balance Sheet for organization having plants in different states. Auto journal creation in both the books for transaction affecting two plants.

Supports multi order planning strategies

Make to Stock ¦ Make to Order ¦ Engineer to Order¦ Assemble to Order etc.

Web Enabled

Organization spread-out geographically can do their transactions online via Internet/ VPN/RF/leased Lines.


Paperless organization – approvals incorporating own processes for various department functionality.
Extended Organisation – auto notification to concerned suppliers / customers

Notification Management

ERP's Proactive Notification Management System enables users to do their day to day tasks on-time. Once user logs in, system gives pending task list to the users to follow and complete.

Multi year operation

During the year end, it is required to work for both the financial year (Current Year & Last Year). This ERP supports to do the transaction in both the years. At any time until closure of last year, closing balance can be transferred.

Periodic Closure

Supports monthly closure of accounts and prevents transactions in the closed periods.

Supplier acts as Customer & Vice Versa

The system effciently handles these transactions.

Buyer - Consignee Handling (Customer)

Customers will have plants in different states and each one will be defined as separate customer. Orders will be placed by customers and materials are dispatched to customers. Payments will be made by parent company stating all bills referring group companies and for which, one receipt against multiple customers bills can be matched & cleared.

LC/BG Handling

Handles Letter of Credit (LC) and Bank Guarantee in both Issue and Receipts Mode.

Bank Depost

Organization can register and track the different type of deposits, maturity date, maturity amount etc.

Cash Forecast

Cash Forecasting can be generated from various sources such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, and Payroll etc. Forecasted cash flow can be later compared with actual cash flow.

Fixed Asset Management

Complete fixed asset life cycle management starting from ¦ Asset registration ¦ Depreciation, Cost additions ¦ Retirement ¦ Termination ¦ Asset disposal

Capital WIP

Organization can maintain multiple Capital WIP and upon completion, the same can easily be converted into single/multiple Fixed Assets

Auto generation of statutory reports: Auto generation of statutory reports:

Statutory Reports [ India ] such as:

  • RG23A Part I & II, RG23C Part I & II, Rg1, Er1
  • Service Tax, VAT Annexure I,II,III, IV
  • Export & Import
  • Form I, Form C, Form H, Form E1 & E2 - to be Issued/Received
  • TDS/TCS/ESI Register, Service Tax Payable/Availed Register

Customisation for Country-specific Statutory Reports customisation shall be provided<./p>

Formula based Tax Calculation

Through its Formula Builder, it is easy to define the formula to calculate the required taxes. Further, user has option to change the new rates when Government changes the tariff


Organization spends considerable amount of time in preparing budget. With this ERP, budget preparation is very simpler. With only few inputs, detailed budget up-to budgeted P&L and Balance Sheet can be prepared in the following methods:

  • Static Budget
  • Flexible Budget
  • Rolling Budget


Supports the following type of costing and based on the industry type appropriate costing methods can be mapped. > Process Costing > Operation Costing > Job order costing > Batch Costing > ABC Costing > Contract Costing

Inventory Planning

Supports following type of inventory planning, ¦ Min-Max Planning ¦ Re-order Level Planning ¦ Material Requirement Planning ¦ Kanban Planning (Just In Time)

Stock Visibility

Complete visibility of Raw Material stocks, Finished Goods (FG) stocks, WIP Process/operation/stage wise stocks at Shop Floor and subcontractor.

Stock Visibility

Complete visibility of Raw Material stocks, Finished Goods (FG) stocks, WIP Process/operation/stage wise stocks at Shop Floor and subcontractor.

Dimension wise Stock :

Available stocks can be viewed by material type such as Sheet, Coil, bar and also by Grade Thickness, Width, Length, Inner Diameter, Outer Diameter etc


Sales Order/Project wise Stock can be tracked at lot number wise/ serial number wise as well locator wise i.e. Rack, Row, and Column.

Shelf life and expiry stocks

can be tracked easily. Also, Stocks can be tracked at Sales Order and Project wise.

HR & Payroll

Comprehensive coverage of HR & Payroll Modules from Planning, Recruiting, Orientation, Portfolio, Leave & Time Management, Loan Management, Performance Appraisal (9 Standard Method), Business Trip Management, Training & Development and Payroll

Employee Self Services

Employees can update their personal information, Education information, certification details, and dependent details. Employees can view their payroll, leave details and supports to raise leave request, loan request, training request, business trip request etc.

It is quite normal in the organization, which gives the salary increment effective from the past period. It is cumbersome task to calculate the salary for the past period and deduct the actual paid and pay the net remaining. Payroll effectively handles this process.

TDS Computation

Calculates TDS for the employees based on their salary and proposed/actual investments made. Any increment in salary and allowances are automatically adjusted

Quality control

  • adheres 8D reporting.
  • Handles the complete APQP business process.

APQP Auditing

  • Handles the following auditing process.¦ 5S Audit, ¦ Customer Audit, ¦ Supplier Audit, ¦
  • Sub-Contractor Audit, ¦ Process Audit ¦ Internal Quality Audit


Handles complete life cycle of registering gauges defining calibration due dates, inside/outside calibration, obsolete gauges etc.

Measurement System Analysis

Supports different Measurement System Study such as, ¦ R&R Study ¦ Bias study ¦ Linearity Study ¦ Stability Study

Moulds , Dies & Tools

Handles every Moulds/Die/Tool order as a Project. All tasks of the projects such as planning, purchase, production and subcontracting can be effectively monitored.

Supports to maintain multiple moulds, dies, tools and its life can be effectively monitored.

Manufacturing Types

Supports different type of manufacturing such as, Discrete Manufacturing ¦ Line/Repetitive Manufacturing ¦ Process Manufacturing ¦ Batch Manufacturing ¦ Project Manufacturing

Supports to maintain multiple moulds, dies, tools and its life can be effectively monitored.

Purchasing & Subcontracting

Supports different types of purchasing & subcontracting such as:

  • Quantity Purchase/Subcontracting Orders
  • Open PO & Supplier Schedule for Purchasing/ Subcontracting

Primary & Alternative BOM

Supports to maintain multiple Routing / Bill of Material / Bill of Resources for each product and option to choose required one in the planning/manufacturing etc.

Dfferent Types of Production Order

Supports different type of production orders ¦ Standard, Regular Lot, Sample Lot, Pilot Lot

Tool Development

Non-Standard & Labour Order

Sale Order Management

Supports two different type of Sales Orders:

  • Quantity Sales Order
  • Open SO and Customer Schedule

Multiple Amendment:

Supports to amend the sales orders and customer schedule multiple times and keep track of history.

Multi Type of Sales

Supports the following types of invoices, (1) Standard (2) Stock Transfer (3) Stock Transfer 3PL (4) Supplementary (5) Scrap (7) Labour (8) Service (9) Input Sales (10) Project (11) Demo/Exhibition (12) Free Replacement (13) Free Sample (14) Service Tax Transfer (15) Fixed Assets Sales

Receivable Due Date

Calculates the receivable due date, based on the following basis:

Invoice Date ¦ Receipt Date ¦ Milestone based ¦ Consumption Based ¦ LR Date Based

Retrospective Price Effective

It is quite normal in business that, sales prices are revised with past effective date. This ERP helps the organizations to prepare the supplementary invoice for the FG’s invoiced in the past period.